Here is a summary of the Rochester experience.

  • Average weight loss by 9 lb within 6 weeks and 18 lb by 12 weeks
  • Average BMI reduction by 3.3
  • Average Blood pressure reduction by 17.8
  • Average fasting glucose reduction by 20
  • Average Total cholesterol reduction by 30
  • Average Triglycerides reduction by 17
  • More energetic, positive, happier, better mood, more active and less stress
  • Reduced or eliminated needs of medications

The CHIP Program

Rochester Clinic is proud to be the only provider to offer this evidence-based lifestyle program in southern Minnesota. Since early 2015, the CHIP graduates continue to experience health benefits.

The Complete Health Improvement Overview (CHIP) program that focuses on eating more, but weighing less. It does not promote limited food intake or counting calories. Instead it promotes eating healthy food, exercise, stress management and maintaining healthy sleep patterns.

CHIP has been around for more than 25 years with more than 75,000 people graduating from the program. It’s taught by physicians, dieticians, wellness coaches or certified CHIP facilitators. The Rochester Clinic offers three different settings to teach the CHIP philosophy.

CHIP is a twelve week program that includes weekly meetings with a certified facilitator, a recipe book with simple recipes, a workbook, a textbook with colorful graphics and easy to read English, along with a pedometer. Participants who meet at Hy-Vee Barlow Plaza can try food samples from the CHIP recipe book prepared by Hy-Vee chef, Eric Worth.

Why Consider Joining CHIP

CHIP focuses on whole-person health through:

  • Lifestyle intervention program
  • Group discussions and peer-support to help you stay on track
  • Adoption of optimal lifestyle habits

CHIP is scientifically proven to optimize:

  • Fasting blood sugar
  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Body Mass Index

CHIP can help prevent, improve or even reverse common chronic diseases. Some common diseases include:

  • Type II Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Obesity
  • Osteoporosis
  • High Cholesterol
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Arthritis
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Constipation
  • Heartburn
  • Overweight

Customer Testimonials

“I really did not think this is the way that I was going to feel. I was questioning the program, but I listened to what you told me and read the book and followed how to start. It is amazing. I have told people but I do not know if they get it. They asked how do you get protein, how do you get calcium, are you really getting enough fats. I am able to just tell them I am getting everything. That my lifestyle is very healthy now and I am so proud of the direction my life is going.”

“As CHIP facilitators, you have been helpful/supportive in every way. You’ve been so willing to answer our questions and address concerns even by offering demonstrations. Your enthusiasm for CHIP and our success is wonderful! I have been able to find more foods that are comforting to my digestion. I no longer worry about what will or will not sit well in my stomach. I am far more informed about why I would want to choose certain foods for my overall health. The recipes have given me easier ways to sustain my daily goals. I’m very pleased with the experience, my results, and my personal and food relationships!”

“No more Pepsi—empty calories. Doing more exercise—feeling better with more energy. Surprised that I’m enjoying eating plant based and feeling full and satisfied. Also surprised I’m finding a nice variety.”

“[Slept] three nights without getting up. No longer have any food cravings for salt/sweets. Can no longer handle eating any ‘junk’ food—sweets or greasy fried foods.”

“I am really excited about this way of eating and truly believe in it! It’s really amazing to see my cholesterol go down by 51. Young people need to hear about this so they can most-likely avoid disease. At nearly 67, I want to continue to eat the CHIP way, but I wish I had started years ago. It still can help! Thank you for this class! Please continue what you are doing.”

More About The CHIP Program

CHIP can be taught at the community level, which is held at Hy-Vee Barlow Plaza, the corporate environment, where companies can hire a CHIP facilitator to instruct members on their lunch hour. Or, CHIP can be taught medically. In this category, a doctor groups patients with similar medical conditions, and they complete the program together.

In January of 2015, doctors and staff members from the Rochester Clinic attended the CHIP certification course. Before recommending the program to patients, Rochester Clinic’s physicians and staff members followed the CHIP program. This was the first corporate CHIP course hosted during lunch. One staff member lost 20 pounds, while another person’s blood pressure and cholesterol levels dropped by 50%.

The Rochester Clinic’s first community CHIP course began in June 2015 at Hy-Vee Barlow Plaza. Some participants noticed weight loss, reduction in blood pressure medication, lower cholesterol levels and fasting glucose levels dropped from 151, a diabetic level, to 80, which is considered normal.

Join Club Chip

What is Club CHIP?
Chip is all about building a healthy lifestyle. This includes a lot of components including diet, exercise, and stress management, but Club CHIP aims to help sustain another important element: community.

A Community for Chippers
We found that one of the biggest highlights during the CHIP sessions was the sense of community– it was place where people with the same interest and similar, at least relate-able, situations came together. Club CHIP is a monthly gathering where CHIP graduates have a chance to meet the participants from other sessions and share stories, opinions, recipes, and tips. It helps renew the excitement that is felt during the CHIP program itself.

Our first Club Chip meeting was held on August 26th, and was a success by all means. Chip graduates from different sections had a chance to compare the experiences, joys and challenges alike, they encountered during their journeys to better living. Many participants “joked” that the best part was trying all the different dishes and exchanging recipes. And you know, that’s another perfectly good reason to attend.

Customer Video Testimonials

CHIP Recipes

Check out our CHIP recipes! They are not only healthy, but also flavorful!