We See You, Not the Disease!

We See You, Not the Disease!

Lifestyle Medicine For Your Well-Being

Lifestyle Medicine For Your Well-Being

Treating Patients Through a Lifestyle Medicine Approach

Empower and lead patients to a healthier life by providing personalized, compassionate medical care and lifestyle education. The lifestyle medicine approach consist of 6 pillars that we strongly value and use to help treat all conditions for our patients.

Family Medicine

We provide a wide range of primary care to our patients, from pediatrics to geriatrics, and preventative care.

Podiatric Medicine

Our foot doctor uses a whole person, lifestyle medicine approach to treat the most common foot and ankle conditions.

Occupational Medicine

Our medical team specializes in employee wellness and preventive care.

Nutrition Programs

We utilize a whole-food plant-based nutrition principle to help manage and improve the most common chronic diseases.

Sports Medicine

We treat musculoskeletal problems for athletes and non-athletes to achieve their optimal health.

Arthritis Programs

We provide a comprehensive personalized treatment plan because every arthritic condition is unique.

Rochester Clinic

A Family Originated Practice

Rochester Clinic was established in 2010 with the believes that every person is unique so is the treatment; that conservative options should be exhausted before invasive ones are considered; and that interdisciplinary collaboration is the best way to design treatment plans and prevent recurrence.

Our practice adopts the lifestyle medicine principles, which emphasize on a whole person approach, education, and empowering the patients to take charge of their wellness.

We provide on-site ancillary services for your convenience, including clinical laboratory, digital X-ray, and biomechanics laboratory. Our providers are supported by friendly and dedicated staff members who ensure that every visit is a smooth and pleasant experience.

Customer Testimonials

“Dr. Harman is the most professional, empathetic, informative, and personable person I have encountered in my 62 years. I would trust him with my life as well as that of my family. He is the best!”


“They have all been very helpful and very nice. I don’t feel like I am being judged by anyone for my illness and I greatly appreciate that. Thank you.”


“They helped me get my life back without controlling every aspect of my life. Without this facility I’m not sure where I would be right now.”