Family Medicine

Primary care provides comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for patients of all ages through a lifestyle medicine approach. A primary care provider is the main medical professional you go to for your health needs and serves as the quarterback for your health. Establishing a relationship with a primary care provider is important for your overall health.

It is particularly beneficial that our family practice emphasizes on wellness and prevention. Our focus is on the patient, and we have a group of easily accessible and compassionate providers to do just that. We provide a wide range of primary care to our patients, from pediatrics to geriatrics, as well as preventative care. The most common conditions include cold, flu, high blood pressure (hypertension), high blood sugar (diabetes), high cholesterol, physicals and vaccinations.

Collaborative Efforts Used To Treat

Below you will find our collaborative efforts we use here at the Rochester Clinic to help treat specific conditions within our family medicine practice. Click on any service below to learn more about that specific treatment.

Occupational Medicine

Our Registered Dietitian Works Closely With Our Physicians And Medical Team To Provide The Best Nutrition Care Possible.

Sports Medicine

We provide comprehensive care to treat and prevent sports-related injuries using an integrated approach.

Arthritis Programs

We use a team approach to identify the root cause and severity of arthritis and develop a treatment plan for you.

wound care

Wound Care

Wound Healing Consists Of A Cascade Of Interrelating Reactions Triggered By An Injury.

Ancillary Services

Clinical Laboratory, digital x-ray, biomechanics laboratory, diabetic shoe program, and Durable medical equipment.

Group Visits

During group meetings, patients with similar medical conditions receive consultation in a group.

Treating Patients Through A Lifestyle Medicine Approach

Empower and lead patients to a healthier life by providing personalized, compassionate medical care and lifestyle education. The lifestyle medicine approach consist of 6 pillars that we strongly value and use to help treat all conditions for our patients.