Dawn Jacobson, MD

Dr. Dawn Jacobson, MD, is a board-certified physician and innovative leader in Integrative, Lifestyle, and Functional Medicine.

With over twenty years of experience, her training includes the Preventive Medicine residency at UC-San Diego, the Integrative Medicine fellowship at the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine, Functional Medicine certification, Lifestyle Medicine competencies, the Bredesen ReCODE program for cognitive health, and the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Professions program.

Dr. Jacobson’s treatment plans integrate evidence-based western and eastern medical approaches. She is passionate about addressing the root causes of common chronic diseases and has expertise in cardiometabolic health, cognitive health, digestive health, cancer care optimization, and hormone balance for women and men (stress, thyroid, reproductive).

As a trailblazer in personalized medicine, Dr. Jacobson offers tailor-made medical solutions that are finely attuned to each individual. Her effective approach has led to > 75 % improvement in health at 6 months and > 90% improvement for those who participate for at least 12 months.

Dr. Jacobson is also a singer/songwriter who has released two full length albums. She believes music can be a powerful healing force and shares her music through local performances and online streaming platforms. She collaborates with sound healers to explore the healing effects of music on health and well-being. She enjoys cooking seasonal Ayurvedic inspired meals, practicing yoga, and hiking the beautiful parks throughout the Driftless region of MN, WI, and IA.