Letticia Callies, a Certified Aromatherapist

Letticia Callies is a Certified Aromatherapist at Rochester Clinic where she supports CHIP participants with stress therapy using essential oils, stress management techniques, and positive lifestyle changes. She also leads group classes that focus on enhancing the physical, emotional, and mental health of the individual through the safe and effective application of aromatherapy methods including the French method. Letticia focuses on identifying the nature of the issue in the context of the whole person and creates an essential oil therapy plan based on individual needs and preferences. She has worked closely with clients ranging from newborns to seniors. Letticia is NAHA level 1 certified and also serves as a Professional for the SE Minnesota Childbirth Network.

Letticia has a Masters in Communication and worked for over 10 years as an instructor at Michigan State University. She developed an educational program that focused on building communication skills including conflict management, negotiation, listening, personal and professional development, and fostering positive relationships. She supported clients including the NBA and international professionals. She has brought these skills into her aromatherapy practice and implements effective communication skills to build positive relationships and to help shorten the process in identifying the nature of the issue presented. With the strong desire to be a motivational speaker, you can expect to feel inspired and motivated to stick to your wellness plan when you have Letticia as your aromatherapist.

Letticia enjoys creating her own food recipes and browsing around in cooking stores. She loves unique mugs and a good health magazine. In her spare time, you will find her sipping tea and spending quality time with her husband and six children.