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Your secret to longevity – How not to age with lifestyle medicine approach?

Many chronic diseases, such as overweight, heart disease, diabetes, join pain, depression, dementia, and cancer cause inconvenience to our daily life. Join us on how to slow the aging process and even reverse some of these health conditions. You can live healthier and longer just like in the Blue Zones.

Monday, January 8: 10-11 AM

Fall Prevention beyond the exercise.

Exercise is an important but not the only factor in fall prevention. An effective fall prevention program takes a lifestyle medicine approach with six pillars of healthy lifestyle, including physical activity, plant-based nutrition, stress management, restful sleep, social connectedness and passion.

Monday, February 12: 10-11 AM 

Diabetes, Diabetic Complications, and Remission of Type 2 Diabetes.

One in five people in US has diabetes which is known as the mother of all diseases. We will discuss the true cause of diabetes and most common diabetic complications, including neuropathy and dementia that is called type 3 diabetes. We will also discuss how lifestyle medicine is possible to put type 2 diabetes in remission.

Monday, March 11: 10-11 AM

Osteoarthritis and Lifestyle Medicine.

Osteoarthritis is a lifestyle disease. Did you know knee pain most commonly comes from foot and ankle issues? To properly manage and prevent osteoarthritis, we will need to check into how our lifestyle could contribute to osteoarthritis and further enhance your overall wellness.

Monday, April 8: 10-11 AM

Health talk by Neal Barnard.

President and founder, Physician Committee for Responsible Medicine.

Friday, May 10: 5:30–7:30 PM